The specific standard coating and coating options for your chosen project will be listed in the coating drop down menu in the options category. The standard coating that will be applied to your print project will show as $0.00. All optional coatings available will be listed as an option surcharge. If a specific coating or no coating is required on your project and not shown as standard or optional in the coating drop down menu, it is not available via online order. We may be able to quote your project through our custom services department (offline) to meet your specific coating or no coating requirement. The specific meanings of our applied coatings, as abbreviated in the coatings option drop down menu (standard or optional), are listed below:

For more specific details on coatings, please scroll to the bottom of any screen view and click on the link "Glossary" for a definition on all coating options.
Note: Most coatings are paper stock specific, meaning they are best suited for specific paper stocks. For this reason, not all coatings are available on all stocks and some stocks may not offer a standard or optional coating, they may be printed un-coated only.